Super Mario Fan Theory!

It’s sexist. Mario is a good person who gets suckered into “saving” fake victim Peach. Clearly she can fight equal to the bros as we see in Mario 2 yet continually gets “kidnapped”. Bowser then mysteriously has a son with no mother. Obviously the love child of Peach and Bowser. She is more concerned with her reputation and status to admit that she has a voluntary relationship with the Lizard king. She abuses all of these men with manipulation. They all believe that she loves them when in reality she is using them. She plays with their emotions and toys with their heads, pitting them against each other often requiring them to fight to the death just to “prove” their love and devotion to her.

Phoenix Comicon 2017

This years PCC was a wild ride. Unfortunately because of a gunman situation, the convention was forced to ban all prop weapons and search every attendee and many exhibitors. Fortunately, no one was hurt and everyone had a good time. This year was also particularly sad. We lost one of our own just a few short days before the convention. Our beloved Windy West. She was an amazing woman and our hearts go out to her family.

Everyone has a different convention experience. Some go for the art, others want to see the celebrities, cosplay, autographs, parties, and more. It’s all very personal. I gathered these photos from different people. Friends, photographers, artists, and more. Thank you Courtex studios, Alvin Johnson Photography, Tony Julius, Sandra Le, Sean Johnson, Alfred Trujillo, and especially Jpool.

I hope that you enjoy these as much as I do. I am blessed to have been able to work with many of these cosplayers and creators over the years and hope to continue to do so.