Super Sexy Sunday

Good morning and welcome to another edition of Super Sexy Sunday! Today’s Project Mayhem mission… Get some stone thrown. These are some of my sexiest pics. Share, comment, like, and re-post these to bring out the haters on this Holy day.
You can also purchase any of these pics at 5 for $25 message me with Project Mayhem in the title. FREE shipping in the U.S. I’ve frequently check out the pages of those that comment on my posts and pics only to find that the people who bash women, call them sluts, whores, and a disgrace to women typically have numerous posts on their own page praising God, praying for others, church information, etc. Jesus wasn’t a hater. His followers shouldn’t be either.

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I’m kind of an asshole

Recently I was a model for a bondage demo for a good friend of mine. This was at a fancy “art” party that happens every year in Phoenix. I had a great time and saw some cool stuff. Unfortunately due to facebook standards and creepy little tattle tails I am unable to post some of these pics there. I ask that you please still follow me there as well as subscribe to this page.

So much to tell!!!

I feel like it’s been forever since I posted here. I have so much to tell! I was fortunate to be a guest at the Mesa Az stop of the Fireball Run. This is a great event to help locate missing children across the country and raise awareness of child abduction. After that event I headed out to El Paso. I had a great time at EPCon (El Paso Comicon). I did kind of feel like an outcast. all my cosplay and artist peeps were in Vegas. But the El Paso locals always treat me well and make me feel at home. I did my cowgirl cosplay as well as Powergirl and Jill Valentine. Has a little snafu and forgot my disk and chain but a trip to Walmart and I got things going again. Then it was off to Corpus Christi for Realmscon.  This was primarily an anime show but I was more than welcome and my table faced the bay. It was so beautiful. I helped judge the cosplay contest and had a few panels. I did cosplay safety and the business of cosplay.I have a little down time to get some new content out and costumes made and stuf and stuff and more stuff.  Did I mention that I met Grumpy Cat? Yea that happened. I also wrote an article about it for Geek News Network. And with NYCC here in a few days , and my inability to attend this year, Webble will have my exclusive Binary cospaint card as well as my Powergirl card.  I believe these cards are free. So now i’m gonna give ya’ll some links and pics and a vieo of me doing the Hustle (or some resemblance of it)

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