Special Olympics


Hello my lovelies 🙂 I had a wonderful day yesterday at the Buckeye public schools Special Olympics field day!! I’d like to thank C4 Charity movie cars for inviting me to join the Mystery Machine for this event. I would also like to thank all of you that support my patreon as well as my indigogo for my new cosplay book. Backing my cosplay projects is a great way to give cosplay credibility in the art community as well as allow me to open up my schedule for community events like this. So please thank yourself for making it possible for these kids to have this experience. And a huge thank you to all of the teachers, aids, nurses, and caregivers that work with these beautiful children day after day. Without you, these kids would have no quality of life. I am blessed to have this opportunity. Here are some pictures of yesterdays event.

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They had so much fun!! I got ALL the hugs yesterday!

“Wicked” Stepmothers misunderstood

It always amazes me how our society paints the picture of a new woman in the life of a father. Tales of abusive women and their cruelty towards their husbands precious babies. I say NO! Let us analyze this.

Cinderella: The story of a wonderful woman with two daughters. Marries the man she loves and accepts his child as her own. Unfortunately, her love passes away leaving her a single mother in a time where women struggle financially as job opportunities for them are scarce. Yes, she KEPT his child. YES she fed and clothed her new daughter. And what did she get in return? Cinderella was a nasty, unappreciative brat. She refused to do chores and constantly complained. When she would finally, hesitantly, do any work around the house, she would make up stories and lie. Guess what little girl, the mice and birds aren’t helping you and we all know it. After being grounded for this type of behavior, what does she do? She sneaks out of the house to go see some boy. Then she leave a very expensive shoe out who knows where! Then when this boy comes trolling around the house, Miss Cinderella is grounded to her room only to sneak out again! Then she runs away from home.

Snow White: This is the story of a vain little girl. Her dad marries a queen. A QUEEN! This is a fantastic scenario for any struggling single father. His daughter can be set for life. Unfortunately for him life didn’t last as long as he anticipated. Now the Queen must decide what do with his child. Like any good woman, she keeps Snow White. A life of royalty and luxury with nothing in return. All she asks is that Snow White behave in a manner befitting the crown. This child never has to lift a finger or do a chore. She appreciates nothing. Running away to shack up with men, partying constantly, and orgies with peasants  are not becoming of the royal step-daughter. It’s an embarrassment to the entire kingdom. What is the Queen to do? She can’t exactly send out the guards. The entire kingdom would be a laughing stock. I don’t blame her at all for sneaking some melatonin and chamomile into the apple. She needed that unruly brat to take a nap. But then of course another boy sneaks into her bed. Now Miss Snow White goes around saying that the stepmother who loved and cared for her was just jealous of her beauty.

All of this behavior is bad enough, but to go around telling everyone stories like they are  victims is just despicable. These loving women care for the children of the men they love.  Now they are slandered throughout their villages and history. No appreciation at all.  These children could have been shipped off to the orphanage but for their loving stepmothers.

I’m sure that someone will bring up Hansel and Grettle. Let’s look at that case. History proves that Grimm Fairy tales changed this story. The reality is that it was their biological mother who sent them off into the woods to die, not a stepmother.

Let us recognize the misunderstood roll of the stepmother. These women take in children who are not their own. They do their best to love and care for these children despite being lied to, abused, and slandered.

At the end of the day the step-child could have been shipped off, but wasn’t.

Coffee with Cara (Gyms and Shaving)

Today we talked a bit about gyms and shaving. Yes, just like the title says. Just a bit of a recap here.

First, gyms. I used to be quite the gym rat and even competed in an amateur bodybuilding competition (I took 3rd place). I have been looking for a new gym and comparing them, considering the amenities, and weighing the options.

One place had a women only area so that they can feel “safe”. The reality is that this is not the huge problem that our social justice warrior society makes it out to be. Women are not being ogled, harassed, emotionally attacked, or eye raped to the extent that they need their own special place to work out. (If that were true then Curves would still be in business.) However, by having a segregated room with a giant window it keeps them in a pseudo peep show environment where they can prance around in their sports bras and yoga pants, bending over, winking over their shoulder, taking selfies, and making youtube videos. When I go to the gym I look like I just rolled out of the laundry hamper. Really, get over yourself. I have never had a problem working out at any gym and neither has any woman that I have ever known. From my perspective, I have noticed that women lacking in attention will sometimes claim to be sexually harassed or aggressively pursued in order to seem as if she is more desirable than she really is. Sad much?

Other gyms have gone so far as to have rules against grunting or dropping weights. They even have alarms that will go off in an attempt to shame and call out this “offending behavior”. Guess what people, gyms are for working out. Grunting is a part of doing that. Do you know what’s not a part of working out? Eating pizza (provided on Monday nights). But that gym seems to feel that keeping you fat and happy, walking leisurely along a slow moving treadmill, watching twitch, scrolling twitter, cramming your face full of grease and over processed wheat is the right thing to do. Why? Because we like it. Sure it costs us physically, emotionally, and financially, but none of that matters because in the words of Popeye “I yam what I yam and that’s all that I yam” (even though the only yams most people have ever eaten are covered in marshmallows). But guess what! You don’t really want it. You just want to “feel” like you are doing something that you think society says you should do to be a better person. It really is a two-fold system. 1. Love people and accept them for who they are regardless of their size, health, mental faculties, or personality disorders. And 2. Look at me, see how I’m trying to better myself but not really because see #1.

Now lets talk about shaving. Yes, shaving. I recently saw an ad for women to shave their faces. I was immediately disturbed by this thought. I had to ask myself why I was so appalled by this thought. We ask men to shave their faces all the time and that’s ok. Women shave 3/4 of their body’s and that’s ok too. But the thought of running a razor across my face was still terrifying. Are people like cats and dogs now where a woman’s face is like tissue paper but a man’s is tough and can take a razor being slid across it with safety? Probably not. But I honestly can say that I do not know. I will say that I do know women who groom their faces and IMO they should (but those ladies are specific and that is not a generalized statement so don’t go getting your pretty pink panties in a wad).

Some say that shaving causes hair to grow back thicker and fuller. Studies say this isn’t true but studies also say that the female orgasm isn’t real either. Perhaps hair grows back coarser and thicker because it’s trying to protect our bodies? Maybe our hair feels that if it’s being cut off that it must return stronger and with a brigade of hairs to protect their land from intruders? I have seen many beards successfully trap chokeable foods and hot soups from entering mouths. So before you begin shaving off whatever hair you decide deserves the blade, please thank them for their service.

If you want more rants and discussions like this please share. Tell your friends and piss off your favorite social justice warrior. Leave your comment’s and tell me your thoughts 🙂

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Calendar!! Only 4 days left!

2017 Calendar!

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2017 Calendar!!




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Recently there has been a huge backlash on social media regarding what cosplay is and what it isn’t. The line between underwear and cosplay, what should cosplayers get as con guests, and so on and so forth. The reality is, cosplay is simply costume-play. dressing up as a character and being that character to whatever extent you see fit. So look, we have enough laws and rules in this world without adding on a bunch more. So I say to you, do what makes you happy, scroll past what doesn’t and “Party On Dude!”

In honor of facebook’s incessant need to judge cosplayers as well as decide what is and isn’t cosplay here is a free mini photo set and collage. This collage print will go out to patrons at the $35 and up level.



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Supergirl shoot is up!! So excited! And lots of bonuses this month for those of you thinking of joining. Let me know what you think. When you sign up for my patreon you not only get the current month but the previous months as well. I always try to add some bonus shots from other things that I do. Thanks again for all of the love and support.



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