Special Olympics


Hello my lovelies ūüôā I had a wonderful day yesterday at the Buckeye public schools Special Olympics field day!! I’d like to thank C4 Charity movie cars for inviting me to join the Mystery Machine for this event. I would also like to thank all of you that support my patreon as well as my indigogo for my new cosplay book. Backing my cosplay projects is a great way to give cosplay credibility in the art community as well as allow me to open up my schedule for community events like this. So please thank yourself for making it possible for these kids to have this experience. And a huge thank you to all of the teachers, aids, nurses, and caregivers that work with these beautiful children day after day. Without you, these kids would have no quality of life. I am blessed to have this opportunity. Here are some pictures of yesterdays event.

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They had so much fun!! I got ALL the hugs yesterday!

Super Sexy Sunday

Good morning and welcome to another edition of Super Sexy Sunday! Today’s Project Mayhem mission… Get some stone thrown. These are some of my sexiest pics. Share, comment, like, and re-post these to bring out the haters on this Holy day.
You can also purchase any of these pics at 5 for $25 message me with Project Mayhem in the title. FREE shipping in the U.S. I’ve frequently check out the pages of those that comment on my posts and pics only to find that the people who bash women, call them sluts, whores, and a disgrace to women typically have numerous posts on their own page praising God, praying for others, church information, etc. Jesus wasn’t a hater. His followers shouldn’t be either.

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Powergirl at Colorado Springs!

pg front of mountain

Everything is BIGGER in Austin

This July 11-13 I have the honor of being a guest at the Capital City Comicon!!! I feel honored as this is a comic based show and all of the guests are comic book artists, writers, colorists, etc. I mean sure I’m an editor for a few small companies and my coloring skills are growing. I’ve written a few things here and there as well. But I am nowhere near the powerhouse guests this show has lined up. There will be a few cosplay guests as well so I thank the good people of Capitol City for having me.

Now that the formalities are out of the way I’d like to take a minute to discuss the flier that has received such controversy for this convention. ¬†I must say that I LOVE THIS FLIER!!! There have been quite a few complaints about it yet any good comic fan would understand its meaning. Powergirl is iconic and known for her excessively large chest. ¬†I wear this costume more than any other and I wear it with confidence knowing that my Kryptonian physiology under the yellow sun is all I need. But seriously people, I am a huge advocate for cosplay safety. I have panels all over the country discussing the business of cosplay and how to protect yourself in this new and upcoming area of pop culture. I will have this same panel at Capitol City. And just to be clear, my guest status and this panel were decided BEFORE this ridiculous flier incident. I did however feel that I needed to address this issue and make a public statement that I have absolutely NO concerns regarding my safety at this convention in comparison to any other convention.

Project Superwoman

I was recently approached by the creators of Project Superwoman. This was SO COOL! I got to create a Dark Powergirl (Evil Superwoman or whatever they decide to call her). I love the costume and had the opportunity to play multiple characters including Powergirl of course.We did some green screen work so you will get to see me fly. I also did some bad ass fighting and some shit got destroyed. Oops. Then I get to play a mad scientist and fight some big dude and this is where my new badass Dark Powergirl comes into play. This won’t be out until spring but in the meantime they have some other video shorts with great girls and fun adventures to tide you over. Keep on the look out for sneak peaks of the filming on my facebook pages as well as Twitter, Tumbler and Instagram. I am AzPowergirl Everywhere. Also, You can get my new Dark PG print on my Storenvy and use promo code “BINGO” for a buy 2 get 1 free (Prints).¬†http://183degree.storenvy.com/collections/183595-az-powergirl-prints/products/3876739-az-powergirl-superwoman-mkii-11×17-art-print





Feminazies in da house!?!?

With the cosplay is not consent movement; I have a bit of a different view. I promote that nothing is consent except for consent itself. Regardless of whether or not someone (male or female) is in a costume or any other¬†attire,they should not be exploited, antagonized, assaulted, bullied, etc.. I am a firm believer that empowering women should NOT be about belittleing men. I don’t advocate degrading, punishing, or oppressing men in the name of feminism. So in general I follow Bill and Ted’s motto “Be excellent to each other”. and I’ll get off my soap box now. lol
AND THE DRAGON COMES IN THE NIIIGHGHGHTTTT!!!! Here are some pics of me being soap boxie.



Cosplay Diva

As I entered the museum I was first of all let in for FREE! That’s right FREE! Cause I’m ME! And that’s special. ¬†(OK fine they let everyone in for free but let’s not talk about that) I came across my number 1 fan! That’s right, the first fan ever made. Or one of them…whatever. They let me ride the Police Motorcycle and the sirens go WEE WOO WEE WOO! Of course I wore a helmet. Safety first. I found some cosplays waiting for me and tried some new looks. Did some work under the hood of a truck. perhaps I can fill it with Mexicans that will dig me a pool.