2018 Cara Nicole AZ Powergirl CALENDAR!


2018 baby!!
I am Cara Nicole, YOUR AZ Powergirl!
You may know me from such things as Magic Cards, Comic Con, Politics or even from THE INTERNET!
One of the most requested things I get asked for is CALENDARS! The 2017 calendar was amazing thanks to you! Now, JOIN ME for THIRTEEN months of cosplay mayhem in the 2018 CARA NICOLE AZ POWERGIRL CALENDAR!


2017 Calendar!!




Good morning friends!! Ask and ye shall receive!!! I have been asked about a calendar for years so here you go!! 13 months, full color, full glossy, full cosplay!! This campaign gives you more than a calendar. I have many fun extras including the ability to be a part of the calendar. Take a look at the video and the perk options available and share it with your friends! I am always open to your feedback as well. Much love!



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