Photobook 3 Shipping Update and Calendar Exclusive Update


Cara Nicole AZ Powergirl 2018 Calendar

Big reveal! Here is the Exclusive Print Tier sexy print for the Calendar campaign! Never before seen shot at the beach 😉 Let me know what you think. ❤

Also, we have about 5 days left. We are currently at 23 backers and 532 %. Please share the campaign with your friends and let’s see how many people we can get to order one of my very special cosplay calendars 🙂


Cara Nicole AZ Powergirl Photobook 3:

Books came in, ordered and picked up some extra prints, and put about 60 packages in the mail yesterday. Sadly, I ran out of my flat mailers so I ordered some but I have to wait till they get here. As soon as I get them, I ship the rest! Whoever gets their books, let me know. Would love some feedback. Again, thank you so very very much for making cosplay a way of life for me.


2018 Cara Nicole AZ Powergirl CALENDAR!
2018 baby!!
I am Cara Nicole, YOUR AZ Powergirl!
You may know me from such things as Magic Cards, Comic Con, Politics or even from THE INTERNET!
One of the most requested things I get asked for is CALENDARS! The 2017 calendar was amazing thanks to you! Now, JOIN ME for THIRTEEN months of cosplay mayhem in the 2018 CARA NICOLE AZ POWERGIRL CALENDAR!


It’s not all cosplay…

Yes, I am a “cosplayer” but that doesn’t mean it’s the only thing I do. I find it interesting that when I post a pic to social media I will often get the question “is that a character” or “does this mean you will be doing X-character”, or even “you should do a mash up of x and x”. To be honest, it makes me facepalm sometimes. I do other things besides cosplay. I am also a person myself and as such can and will be photographed as such. I am also a colorist. That means I will be coloring art pieces that I am hired to color and that has nothing to do with my cosplay. I am a model. As such, I am hired to model the wares of other people and/or companies. It also means that I need to practice my craft and build a portfolio. I often sing. that is not cosplay and it does not need to be cosplay.

So, as much as I adore cosplay, if you see me NOT in character, it’s probably because I am not in character. And that’s OK.

So here are some pics of the many other things I do that are not cosplay.

Cammy Video

Cammy White cosplay from Street Fighter by me, Az Powergirl Cara Nicole! The photoset is now live to Patreon patrons. Make sure to check it out. Thanks to OGRE Eric Richardson Photography and CourteX Studios for help with some of the video and behind the scenes help
Song: Blame It On Me – by The Sink or Swim <–thanks to them for letting us use their music, get their new album!

Let’s talk about pantyhose… With a Leggy Cosplay Overload!!!!

Leggy Cosplay Overload!!!!

I will often times get a message or a comment stating that a cosplay would be “sexier” without dance tights or pantyhose. I want to explain something here. NO! First, always dance tights. Pantyhose have weird gussets and lines. If not on the sides of the hips, at least in the crotch. It’s not attractive. And although they are cheaper than tights (about $3 compared to $15) they will likely snag within minutes and are easily ruined.  So lets go over a few guidelines and reasons why this is a necessary part of every cosplay.

  1. Clean lines. Dance tights streamline a cosplay. They tighten up a figure and smooth out any lumps and bumps that a lady might feel insecure about. They also cover up spider veins, light bruises, and dimples. Legs also get cold. What happens when they get cold? Chicken skin. And that’s not so attractive. It doesn’t photograph well and it’s not comfortable.
  2. Children are present. Cons are family events. Cosplayers are under enough scrutiny without some girls snatchitals flapping in the wind. Forgive my bluntness but it’s true. Sure the average pervert thinks this is fantastic but the average parent wants your head on a stick. I have seen this happen many times. And guess what bitch! This sort of disrespectful behavior is what gets cosplays put under stringent guidelines.
  3. It’s a safety issue. Unfortunately, there are people out there that will attempt to violate a female cosplayer. These tights practically go up to your neck. No one is slipping a finger in there.

So feel free to rock that Cammy, Elektra, Velma, Supergirl, and any other cosplay you love. Just play it safe, family friendly, and clean with some dance tights.

And for you guys out there, if your rockin some lycra or spandex, wear a dance belt.

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