Punisher Photoset



“The only TRUE justice is PUNISHMENT!”
Welcome to my Patreon for some new patrons and for those of you who have been supporting me, right on! Thank you all!
This month I am bringing you something off the beaten path with this Punisher photoshoot! The Punisher Dune Buggy is brought to you by C4 Charity Movie Cars and photography is by Alfred Trujillo Artist. Thanks to them both for making this possible. The photos look amazing and I will have them out shortly. Tell your cosplay-fan friends and don’t forget to get your prints of this shoot
Also, don’t miss out on the behind the scenes shots for some interesting details on how this shoot took place and there will be a video for it as well

 Funny story, this was shot in a river bed on the Gila reservation.  Usually it is very dry out there but this time it had recently rained.  Long story short, the cars rear wheels dug into the sand and we had to be pulled out. We spent four and a half hours in the desert that day. LOL. I really wanted a pin-up feel to this set. The video continues this theme with a song by Gene Pitney “A Town Without Pitty” from 1961.  I do hope that you enjoy this photo set and video and recomend me to your friends and local conventions. Meeting you is one of my favorite things 🙂





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