Online the Dumbass!

Yes, you heard me right. As I scroll through Youtube I see millions, yes, fucking MILLIONS, of videos of people putting harsh face masks on young children, making them cry, 100 layers of duct tape on faces, 100 layers of glue, 100 layers of tanning lotion., and so on. This is why we are here people. This is why the majority of our citizens can’t read. This is why people come here from foreign countries with no paperwork and don’t give a shit if they have it. This is why our people march for freedoms they already have but don’t notice the freedoms denied to them. My gawd please read something over 140 characters. Open your mind beyond a 30 second shooting match on a video game. Put down the electronics and the remote control and have a conversation with a person. Your makeup isn’t worth more than your neighbor. When the police come for you, who will be there? No one. Why? Because you think you are protected by laws and police and military, and at the end of the day, even the persecuted believe they are safe. No one is safe. Get involved. Ask questions. Make your voice heard while you still have one.

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