Yes, I drove away

From time to time I will just sit in my vehicle and collect my thoughts over a cheap cigar and a Red Bull. Alone with my window rolled down in the “bad” part of town, I admit that I have never felt unsafe. Usually, I am left alone, but occasionally I will encounter a homeless person or someone looking for spare change. It’s a regular, albeit unfortunate, occurrence. Let me clarify that I am never unkind or rude but tonight was different. A man came up to me carrying a grocery sack. He says that he doesn’t want to bother me, followed by, “I have beer, but I want to get some food”. Yes, this bothers me. I admit that I was not the nicest person during this interaction. I simply stated “you should have bought food then”. He reply’s “I know but” with no remorse. I immediately drove away.

To be honest, I don’t need this shit. Neither does anyone else. He didn’t have just one beer. He had a bag full of tall boys. Yes, it was his choice to choose to use his limited funds to purchase beer. And yes, it is not my place to judge him for that decision. I just don’t feel that out of everyone struggling in the world today that it is my responsibility to provide food to people who blatantly, and purposefully, choose beer over a meal.

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Much love,

Cara Nicole

7 thoughts on “Yes, I drove away

  1. It may have been better for your safety that you drove off, in that particular instance. Something just sounds off about him having that much beer, then suddenly deciding: “Oh, I want to eat now. Let me ask someone for money.” My day job is in a prison and, at best, that’s inmate mentality. You can’t reason with that.


  2. I think we all get to a certain age and things we did before we realize aren’t the the smartest . Instead of looking at the not giving the man money I’m looking at the parking in a unsafe part of town aspect .
    I don’t know how old you are but when I hit my early 30’s I started to realize that taking chances like you did by parking in a bad part of town needed to stop. I started to realize that I have a family and people that care so why am I taking risks . Yes I know you were just parked in a bad part of town but it only takes a second for something horrible to happen and you have to think of the people you would leave behind because you just needed to park in a bad part of town .
    And as for the guy with the tall boys he should have just bought a 40 and hit up Taco Bell and bought some .99 tacos .

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  3. You have to stay safe. Always trust your gut. You were right to drive away.
    This man made his choice to buy beer first then approach a woman alone to ask her for money for food.
    In my experience people will always find a way to feed their alcohol, cigarette, pot and harder drug cravings first then they will appeal money for food and or care for children.
    Often that money is then used to feed their addiction also.

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