Day one of 2017 is off to an easy start by being on a Sunday! Hooray! I always found it funny that people make resolutions for the new year that include, drinking less, exercising more, eating better, and working out, all the while spending the first day of said “New Year” hung over, sleeping late, and with a day off. Personally, I ended 2016 with a literal purge. I woke up on December 31st with a nasty stomach flu. But at least I didn’t die. Too soon? In 2017 I hope to succeed more than fail, love more than hate, and win more than loose. I wish this for us all.

I had an incredible 2016. I am so fortunate to have had the opportunity to meet many new people as well as my many online friends. I had a crazy run for House of Representatives and got over 9000 votes. IT”S OVER 9000!!!! I made new cosplays and did some awesome photo shoots to go along with them. I also had a successful indigogo crowed funding campaign for my 2017 calendar. I am truly blessed and cant thank you all enough for the support and love.

Let us all begin this new year with good intentions. Let us keep an open mind and heart. I believe that if we all put our best foot forward we can have a successful 2017. Love, laugh, and let it go.k5okze calendar-cover-a-lr Harley is Menta 4 Print  LR boobmodel lr Jason Wallpaper Harley Gotta Dance 3 mZ096E image-1.gif

So here are some pics from my favorite moments from 2016

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