Supergirl – Wallpaper

Supergirl Wallpaper700

PATREON of the month! I have been asked for quite some time now to cosplay Supergirl. I’ve always said “but I’m Powergirl!” But hey, you asked so I humbly obliged. This costume was made by one of my favorite people, Colleen Cole. I shot this at a few locations including Mesa Arts Center and Scottsdale Civic Center (Home of the infamous LOVE Sculpture by Robert Indiana, no relation to Indiana Jones).
I hope that you enjoy this set as well as the bonus sets I posted throughout the month. I also met a few of my Goals including, Star Trek TOS dress, Poloroid camera, and upgrading some camera equipment. I can’t thank you enough for your support. Keep an eye on your mailboxes wink emoticon
This is the wallpaper, photoset is coming soon!

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