Why I will pose nude

I often get asked if I do nude shoots and if I have nude prints. Yes….and no. Yes I have been nude for shoots but my prints are limited to implied nudity. Why? Because I want to.  Do I recommend it? Hell yes. I think that it’s important to learn about your body and how it works and really looks. It helps me to grasp body structure and posing ideas as well as builds confidence. Now, I’m not saying that you should just go off prancing around naked everywhere (unless that’s your thing of course). I am also not saying that everyone should shoot with random photographers naked. I believe in safety first. I only shoot this way with people I know and trust that I have built a professional relationship with. This is not only confidence building but also humbling. Even just shooting some pics with your phone in a mirror can accomplish this. On the one hand you can end up with some beautiful artistic shots that make you feel like a beauty queen. Then on the flip side you will get some pics that will show off every stretch mark, pimple, scar, lump, bump, and wrinkle, crinkle, and cellulite dimple you have.  As a pro model and cosplayer I do believe that it is important to recognize your humanity and the reality that you are just as flawed as the newbie who criticizes themselves and emotionally beats themselves up with feelings of inadequacy.  At the end of the day, we are all the same. People are people, art is art, and we are of peace…Always.

6 thoughts on “Why I will pose nude

  1. As a public figure, you are the most humble, down to earth person I have ever chatted with (since I have yet to meet you in person). You are an inspiration to anyone who has self-image issues, and I applaud you.


  2. Beauty either implied or true, is still beauty. I am the first to admit I want to see more but the imagination is a great tool with such good data like you to work with. Thank you Cara.


  3. I applaud you for feeling comfortable in your own skin to pose in those classy, well shot nudes. As for body image if you are a man and have a woman whom you say is gorgeous and love every inch of her body, and she doesn’t believe you don’t force the issue. SHE has to believe it and feel it for herself. Same goes for men. Nothing is more of a human work of art than the female body. Guys bodies are not as well designed.


  4. Your well shot, classy nude photo shoots are amazing. If you are a male lucky enough to have a gf or bf, and you tell them they are beautiful and love every inch of her body and they don’t believe you don’t get discouraged. You have to accept they don’t feel how you do about thier body, they have to geel that way.


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