Domino comes to life through miscellaneous cosplay parts

Hello again. It seems that my Domino cosplay has really taken off and I hope that you all enjoy it. I got the idea from one of my favorite photographers Alvin Johnson. He recommended it and then all the pieces came together in my brain. So here we go. I will post a photo gallery of the costumes I borrowed pieces from to bring Domino to life. I hope you like it and thanks for noticing me 🙂

All of these pics are prints available on my store buy 2 get 1 free!

Smallville/Superboy genderbend- The belt I had for this cosplay broke and the new one I had purchased for this costume was used on Domino to hold the X buckle. The wig I used for this cosplay was getting a bit haggard so I cut it and styled it for Domino. I wanted a jagged razor cut. I think its more fun and a bit gritty.

Black Widow-I borrowed the black catsuit from this costume to use on Domino.

Punisher Genderbend- Notice that the hair is the same as Superboy. The Holsters and the hair were both used on Domino.

Lara Croft- I absolutely LOVE this costume. I borrowed her leg holsters to use on Punisher and Domino.

My Dominatrix shoot/Red Glasses- This was a fun impromptu photo shoot with Alvin Johnson. I wore an awesome corset for this shoot that was in his box of props. I really loved this piece so I ordered one of my own for Domino.

Harley Quinn/Harleen Quinnzel- I used the white face makeup for Domino.

Joker- This is one of my best selling prints and I utilized the white face and black makeup for my Domino.

Emma Frost- Although I hadnt had the chance to use it yet, I had purchased a x-men belt buckle for this costume. I painted the black parts red and used it for Domino.

Star Trek- What!? Star Trek? yes. I used her boots for Domino.

One thought on “Domino comes to life through miscellaneous cosplay parts

  1. Your use of various parts & elements reminds me of how they reuse & modify monster suits for Ultraman & Kamen Rider, Cara. You did an X-Cellent job with this!


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