I think this Disneyland fetish everyone has right now is creepy.
It’s a small world because big brother is watching you.
Have you ever seen the outside backside of Disney Land? It’s like that scene in Labyrinth where she finds he bedroom under the garbage. Happiest place on earth, all the stuff you love. Hide from reality in a world of perfection. They say men’s magazines make women feel like they have to be perfect. Fuck that. Disney did it. Look at playboy and hustler and penthouse over the years. Those women all changed. Different body types, hair styles, boobs sizes. Men don’t care. They aren’t that picky. Disney pigeon holes women into a stereotype of the hot, thin, big boobed girl from a broken home that needs saving.
Notice that EVERY Disney female is lumped into the category of “Princess”. Mulan was a badass warrior who saved her family. Yet she is called a princess. Why? Because at the end of the day, being pretty and wealthy have more value than strength and integrity. Value to who? That is the question.
And lets take a look at Elsa shall we. Yes she is a princess, actually a Queen. And she’s loved and revered by girls everywhere. Reality check, Elsa was a problem. Anna saved everyone even though she was almost killed. But hey, having a fantastic singing voice and a beautiful gown make you worth more than a soulless ginger that saves your life.

4 thoughts on “Disneyland!!!

  1. First of all, nobody should hate on this post. It’s a free country and you’re entitled to your opinion like everyone else. You aren’t hurting anyone. I honestly never gave it much thought but I suppose you are right. Every Disney female character seems to be “The Princess”. It might be nice to see a strong character who is not perfect physically but is still respected for being s strong person. And you are right about another thing, guys in general really are not that picky. But anyway, I always like hearing your opinions. It gets people thinking which is a good thing.


  2. I always wondered why “Disney Princesses” also excluded one of the most interesting princess, the future queen of Atlantis, Kida. She taught herself to read ancient pictographs, saved her entire civilization, and was all around pretty cool.


  3. First of all, I like you! You are prolific and I enjoy reading what you write. In this case your view point is a bit stark if not crystal. You are right in that no one should see or pay any attention to the man behind the curtain. You lose sight of the magic when you do!

    You see it all around you not just Disney, but magazines, tv shows and even comics offer up overly stylized versions of people not just women. I think that Disney is just working with a process that works for them. Once again, I love your view point and your perspective on this.

    P.S. Any time you and yours are in the STL,.and you want to do a little karaoke, let me know and i will get you the hook up!



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