Happy New Year


As 2015 came to an end and 2016 began, I had difficulty transitioning into what supposed to be considered a new beginning. At one point, I wished for a time where we could all just be kind to one another. The idea of support and love seemed fantastic and worthwhile. Then after a bit of soul crushing criticism I was angry and vengeful. (Personally, I am not one for New Years Resolutions. I think it’s quite redundant due the typical December 31st up all night drunken celebration. How is one supposed to wake up early, get some exercise and a good breakfast when they are hung over? Resolutions are just asking for failure when they are meant to start on January 1st. But I digress.) So, to start off 2016 I would like to share with you,

AZ Powergirl Beginnings

It was 2010 and I was feeling incomplete and searching for something. I really didn’t know what exactly was missing from my life. I was and still am a Craigslist searcher. I love looking at vintage cars, property for sale, farm animals, and pets. I was at the time looking through local gigs and came across an add for superheroes. (That’s not normal, just sayin…) I thought, “that’s not normal’ and emailed the person that placed the add. They were starting a Justice League of Arizona and had some charity events planned. I love Powergirl and this was the perfect opportunity to actually get to BE Powergirl. I was like WHAT!!  So that’s how it all began.

As time has passed and things progressed I have become more public than I ever expected. Along with the photoshoots, conventions, social media, and event signings comes internet trolls and haters. I have been called every name in the book plus more and it doesn’t feel good. I often go days without ever looking in a mirror. The song “Do You See Me’ written by Alfred Trujillo relays that point. I have been given some harsh criticism about it, but it embodies not only many of my own feelings but I am sure many of yours. I know that haters gonna hate. I also understand that it’s easy to be cruel when you are hiding behind your keyboard. I have seen people taunted to tears and I have watched good people bullied to the point of suicide.

So this is my 2016 message…

I am not asking the trolls and haters to be kind. I know that is only ammo for those that feed off of others heartache. I am saying that I know what it feels like. I have been blessed to know some of the kindest, sweetest, caring people. And for those of you that hurt, I understand. You are not alone. Please just remember that in your darkest hour, when all you can do is cry and beg for it all to end, that you can hang on for one more minute. I know you can. One More Minute. Count it out if you have to. And after that 60 seconds is up, do it again. You are not alone. And yes, I do understand.

For 2016 be the best YOU that you can be, one minute at a time…

Much Love,

Az Powergirl Cara Nicole

Watch Video here —> Do You See Me

Random pics of me. No cosplay, no modeling, just me.

One thought on “Happy New Year

  1. Happy New Year to you as well. Great heartfelt message. I never knew how AZ Powergirl was born so thanks for sharing that story. And bullies of any kind are the worst type of people. Sorry for anything you went thru.

    Your message is why you have so many supporters and you rock. You’re an awesome person. And I’m here for you. Here’s to a hopeful great New Year.



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