Digital Photosets


Hi! I’m starting to make high resolution digital photosets available to you, the fans. SO, starting with these two! If you have any recommendations or requests, let me know! I have so much fun cosplaying and recreating characters I love in my own way. And that’s what cosplay is all about. Rin Tohsaka from Fate Stay night was recommended to me because, and I quote “she’s just like you, a total bitch” :/ So I tried her out and I totally enjoy this cosplay. I debuted her at Saboten Con in Phoenix Az and shot with anime cosplay photog extraordinaire Eurobeat Kasumi. His eye for poses that are character accurate are on point. I also shot with Ben Ammon who is an up and coming Geek News Network photographer. We shot outside and in natural light his pics really shine.  Thor was my homage to not only an amazing Marvel Avenger but also to the Mighty God of Thunder himself. This was my vacation in Asgard. Shot by Bald Pirate Photography. I hope you enjoy these as much as I do. When you purchase a digital photoset you get all hi-rez 11×17 shots. These are downloadable and even printable. Take a look 😉

Rin Thor Set



fate stay 1 lr

Thor 12 lr

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