Everything is BIGGER in Austin

This July 11-13 I have the honor of being a guest at the Capital City Comicon!!! I feel honored as this is a comic based show and all of the guests are comic book artists, writers, colorists, etc. I mean sure I’m an editor for a few small companies and my coloring skills are growing. I’ve written a few things here and there as well. But I am nowhere near the powerhouse guests this show has lined up. There will be a few cosplay guests as well so I thank the good people of Capitol City for having me.

Now that the formalities are out of the way I’d like to take a minute to discuss the flier that has received such controversy for this convention.  I must say that I LOVE THIS FLIER!!! There have been quite a few complaints about it yet any good comic fan would understand its meaning. Powergirl is iconic and known for her excessively large chest.  I wear this costume more than any other and I wear it with confidence knowing that my Kryptonian physiology under the yellow sun is all I need. But seriously people, I am a huge advocate for cosplay safety. I have panels all over the country discussing the business of cosplay and how to protect yourself in this new and upcoming area of pop culture. I will have this same panel at Capitol City. And just to be clear, my guest status and this panel were decided BEFORE this ridiculous flier incident. I did however feel that I needed to address this issue and make a public statement that I have absolutely NO concerns regarding my safety at this convention in comparison to any other convention.

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