I started selling my art on ebay!! I have been expanding my coloring and sell original colored pieces on my storenvy and ebay now. Here are just a few things I have up there. I also have loads of art and prints on my store at www.183degree.storenvy.com. Now off to El Paso for EPIC! Spidey MJ Color Print lowrez Phoenix Colored lowrez x23 rawr colors lowrez shanna_202_20lowrez_original Miss Marvel 2 low rez Miss Marvel 1 low rez shanna 1 lowrez One Up low rez IMG_9041 lowrez 1655017_728090327216085_1368621556_o Fionna ABQ Print low rez Black Cat Print 4a Black Cat 1 low rez AZPGSW_008e 2 lrpony Apocalypse City low rez Cara-04




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