Calendar!! Only 4 days left!

2017 Calendar!

Only 4 days left to get in on my new 13 month, full color, full glossy, full cosplay, CALENDAR!! Get in on extra special exclusive items such as prints, postcards, banners, and even the opportunity to have your own birthday or holiday of your choice added to the calendar!!

Here is a sneak peak!



2017 Calendar!!



Good morning friends!! Ask and ye shall receive!!! I have been asked about a calendar for years so here you go!! 13 months, full color, full glossy, full cosplay!! This campaign gives you more than a calendar. I have many fun extras including the ability to be a part of the calendar. Take a look at the video and the perk options available and share it with your friends! I am always open to your feedback as well. Much love!



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Harley or Joker?


Recently there has been a huge backlash on social media regarding what cosplay is and what it isn’t. The line between underwear and cosplay, what should cosplayers get as con guests, and so on and so forth. The reality is, cosplay is simply costume-play. dressing up as a character and being that character to whatever extent you see fit. So look, we have enough laws and rules in this world without adding on a bunch more. So I say to you, do what makes you happy, scroll past what doesn’t and “Party On Dude!”

In honor of facebook’s incessant need to judge cosplayers as well as decide what is and isn’t cosplay here is a free mini photo set and collage. This collage print will go out to patrons at the $35 and up level.

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